Inigo Westmeier

DOP/ Director / Writer / Producer


“Don’t think, feel….it is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!”
– Bruce Lee / Enter the Dragon


Inigo Westmeier has worked internationally in various genres, from commercials to narrative features to documentaries, and specializes in all three. He believes these genres are interconnected, and support each other.

Inigo Westmeier

The internationally-active director, DOP and producer works in narrative and documentary films, and commercials.

– Director – BVR German Directors Guild
– DoP – BVK German Cinematographers Guild
– Member of “Deutsche Filmakademie”. Appointment as Professor in College of Communication/College of News in Northwest University /China

International experience and co-Producing with:
France, Belgium, China, Russia, USA, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Thailand, Turkey, and Singapore.


Inigo Westmeier was born in 1973 in Brussels, Belgium.

Without speaking a word of Russian, he made the journey to Moscow in 1994 to study cinematography at the VGIK film school (Master of ART degree). Afterwards he completed postgraduate studies at the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg (diploma) in Germany. This sent him with a scholarship to a masterclass at the UCLE in Los Angeles, California.

He has worked for more than twenty years as a cinematographer on award-winning documentaries, international advertisements and narrative features. Now he works as a director, cinematographer, writer and producer on award-winning documentaries and narrative films.

Gruppe 33@2x

His first major success was the documentary film about a Russian children’s prison “Alone in Four Walls”. The film was an official selection of numerous prestigious festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival, and won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival as well as the Max Ophüls Prize, among others. 

“Dragon Girls” is another full-length feature documentary film for which he was the director, the cinematographer and a producer. The German Film and Media Review (FBW) awarded the film the title “Particularly Valuable.” Dragon Girl was funded by the Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARTE, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, DFFF German Film Fund, FFA Film Fund and the Hessen Film Fund.


“Dragon Girls“
(Documentary Feature) shot in China, 90 min., BR / arte, Hessen-film, FFF Bayern, FFA German Film Fund
Producer, Writer, Director, and Director of Photography

“Black China”
(Documentary Feature) shot in Congo & China, 70 min., ARTE The- menabend, Hessenfilm, FFF Bayern
Writer, Director, and Associate Producer

“Ins Ungewisse” (Documentary Feature), shot in Germany, 90 min.
Writer, Director, and Director of Photography



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A beautiful part of filmmaking is the opportunity to collaborate with so many wonderful people. I love developing visions with creative partners.


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